About the Club

The Utah Velo Club was initiated by The Bike Peddler in American Fork for the purpose of organizing group rides and informal races. Cyclists of all abilities and fitness levels are invited to participate in the club without a membership fee.   There is no mandatory level of participation required to remain in the club. If you are interested, you are in, if not just ask to be deleted from the list.

The Utah Velo Club is sponsored by Bike Peddler in Lehi, UT and Cardio Miracle.

Benefits of participation: Discounts at The Bike Peddler bike shop for those who participate in any of club events; Discount membership at VASA Gyms; Special spinning class for Utah Velo Club; Cross-training events in the Winter; Organized rides; Meet other cyclists to ride with; Share experience and improve riding skills.

Club coordinator: Stan Swallow, 801-808-4426.  For those of you who haven’t met me, you need to know that I’m not some young speedy bike racer.  I’m over 70 and retired but love to ride, race, and stay fit.  I teach the spinning classes maintain the VASA Gyms’ spinning bikes at 14 gyms. This year, VASA Gym has given us a scheduled time slot for spinning classes and I am certified cycling instructor.

Outside rides: Weather permitting, during the winter, we will schedule “show-and-go” rides on Saturdays, other Saturdays we go snowshoeing.  Some of these will be races and some easy rides of various lengths. During the summer we have much longer rides on Saturday.  

Cross Training: For good cross training on Saturday during the Winter we can go snowshoeing early in the morning.   Call or e-mail Stan for information on meeting time and location and if you need to borrow his extra snowshoes.

Club Fees: No membership fee will be charged. Club jersey, pants, bibs, and socks may be purchased at significant discount at The Bike Peddler.  The club is not formed to make money (obviously) but is only for the purpose of getting cyclists who like riding in groups together.

General information: If you have cycling friends who are not members let them know about the club and have them complete the Membership Request page at our web site.  All club activities will be announced via e-mail and the web site.